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A Price Before I Start

Chairs and Barstools Repair

chair re
They’re three options for chair and barstool repair
1. Bring them in when they’re getting loose and wobbly.
2. Bring them in broken with all the pieces in a big box.
3. Bring them in after someone has tried to fix them.
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Restore and Refinishing

Need a chest, dresser or almost anything else restored or just refinished in original color or something new.

Dining table could use a refinish on the top or the whole thing, we can do it at an affordable price.

Door and Drawer Repair

doors and drawer

  1. Drawer bottoms can be repaired or replaced.
  2. Drawer guides can be repaired or replaced, and in  some cases, upgraded.
  3. Drawer fronts and sides can be repaired or  replaced, dividers can be added.
  4. Broken doors can be repaired, even when it looks hopeless, save all the pieces.
  5. Doors can have center panels changed, wood to   glass or other  combinations.
  6. If you  have a chest or dresser that just needs a tuneup, give me a call. My prices are quite reasonable and it doesn’t take long.

Need Something Made?

build furn

Need some extra shelves for your hutch or bookcase, bring in a sample and I can make them and stain them to match.

I do some fabrication as long as it’s not  big jobs, I have space and time constraints.

If your thinking about something you would like to have built, give me a call, we’ll figure out what it will cost, and then you can decide what you want to do. I give you a total price, labor and material, up front.

It always seems worse than it really is, I do furniture repair all the time, and I give you a price and how long it will take, up front. So give me a call or come on down to the shop.

I’m behind Elliots Unfinished Furniture.   MAP

1501 Palma Dr. Ventura, Ca. 93003

THANKS    Carl